Asleep I, 4 x 14' (1.2 x 4.3 m), Ink on Paper, 2020

︎ Eternal Landscape, 2020-2021

This body of work is revolved around the mourning towards the death of my good friend and mentor. Incorporating paintings of landscape, dead tree trunk, and an installation, I explore different ways of expressing deep sadness and constructing narratives through landscapes.

I started these landsc

ape paintings from looking at photos of Santa Fe, NM, taken during different trips when I was visiting this friend. Looking at my sun-filled, colorful photographs, the only thing that came to mind was the feelings of the night, darkness, and isolation. The organic shape surrounding the landscape could be the night sky, a nightmare, or an ocean surrounding an island. I’m constructing a space where day and night, light and dark coexists, or perhaps it’s a space without time. I also started to use elements of the New Mexico landscape as motifs to build romanticized and dream-like imaginary landscapes, imagining a world where me and my friend would meet again. In the three newer paintings, I introduced a figure and/or an animal character into the landscape. Inspired by my friend’s amateurish drawing, I decided to creep into my own painted worlds by making the figure look like me, and doing the things I would do. These paintings are informed by my life experiences, such as camping out in the desert, running with my dog, and looking at the rain falling down onto the ground.