Installation View

︎ Eternal Landscape, 2020- This body of work is revolved around the mourning towards the death of my good friend and mentor. Incorporating paintings of landscape, dead tree trunk, and an installation, I am exploring different ways of expressing deep sadness and constructing narratives.

I started these landscape paintings from looking at photos of Santa Fe, NM, taken during different trips when I was visiting this friend. Looking at my sun-filled, colorful photographs, the only thing that came to mind was the feelings of the night, darkness, and isolation. The organic shape surrounding the landscape could be the night sky, a nightmare, or an ocean surrounding an island. I want to explore different layers of emotions by using different ways of constructing the landscape: thin washes, visible brushstrokes, and thick, tacky paint. I’m also interested in the possibility of the co-existence of day and night, light and dark, or perhaps a space without time.

The paintings/drawings of tree trunks are a more straightforward parallel to death. A chopped-down tree lying on the ground has a very bodily feeling to me, like a corpse. I paint the tree trunk in a coffin as a way of mourning and glorifying. I used pen, ink, and relief printmaking to create flatter images in comparison to using oil paint.